Thursday, January 7, 2010

New wood.

Since I'm re-locating the battery to the rear jump seat/trunk and didn't need access to the original floor board cut out which was right under the drivers feet, I decided to ditch the original set of floor boards (they were very trashed), and make these up in place of 'em. I think these turned out really nice. I'll leave 'em stained like this and won't paint 'em because I like the look of the natural wood. I put a nice piece in the jump seat/trunk space too. Looks a lot cleaner in there. Now I just have to come up with a rig that will hold the little battery down, along with two holes for the cables to pass through, wire it all up and be good to go.

Speed of light!

Got these from a regular customer at my local auto parts store. I went in there asking for some 6 volt bulbs and this dirty bearded old timer back in the oil section says, apparently to no one in particular, "What do ya'll need 6 volt stuff for?". So I say "An old Ford". He says he'll be back in an hour, and he was. He left these for me with the counter fellas and says if I need anymore to give him a call because he has about a hundred of 'em. Needless to say, I got his number from them.

Had time today to roll out Nacho and discover that the starter is shot. At least he looks good with black painted wheels. The 1935 Ford wire wheels that I purchased from my buddy Norm have been sand blasted and powdercoated too. I can pick them up tomorrow after I get paid and then order up some new tires and tubes, get 'em mounted and be set. The starter will get fixed soon too, so all should be rolling well soon! Yeah!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Change of direction.

Well, I've decided to keep this coupe's build to a minimum. In other words, things that I thought that I would do, I'm not. It's going to stay mostly original. It will still look like the picture below, and I'll leave the banger in there too. Just going to change the wheels and tires out, do some re-wiring, add a temp gauge, re-upholster and clean everything really well. I'm even undecided on painting it. For now though, just going to do the things mentioned here. And I'm pretty happy about it.