Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Anyone have something like this for sale? Check out that water pump contraption. And brass carbs for days. This is what I want to put in the roadster that I don't have. But one day maybe...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This is the goal! this is what I'm shooting for. I already have the '35 wire wheels (they are at the powder coater right now), and really just need to get cracking on it all. We'll see how long it takes to do the following for this build:
-Complete disassembly and cleaning.
-The banger motor that's in here will be headed to my buddy Steve's garage for him.
-292 engine with AOD transmission.
-Air Conditioning! This is Texas you know.
-and about a million other things, but you get the idea.

NACHO!!! This blog's leading character.

And here's Nacho. This is pretty much what this blog will be about at first. This is how I found this 1930 coupe. It's almost all original. Only the hood is not original to the car and it runs pretty damn good. I've got space in my buddy Mark's garage and that's where I'll be doing the build. Only to get him over there, I had to get the radiator fixed, new spark plugs, and an oil change (and pan cleanout). A new side plate valve cover was scrounged from my friend Reggie's house (along with the oil transfer tube that fit said new cover), and we'll be off to the shop for tear down.
And here's something that I would LIKE to have but don't. I want a 1930 roadster so bad. With some crazy overhead valve four a Roof 101 or something from the museum of American speed in there. No headlights and no windshield. Aw man....
Here is my 1930 Model A Hemi coupe. It's on a 1932 Pete and Jakes frame and has a 1956 331 Fire Power Hemi motor in it. Goes real fast. That's my 1958 Ford Custom 300 in the background too. It's getting put back to showroom condition by my buddy Charlie. It'll have a/c and everything. And that's a 1957 Johnston 3 horse leaning up against the tree back there.

Oh yeah...

.....and the title of my blog is about me trying to build up the perfect banger powered 1930 Model A roadster. I don't have the roadster yet, but stay tuned to the coupe's build.

First Blog...First Post. Here we go.

My name is Kevin and I live in Sunset Valley, Texas. It's a small community that has slowly been surrounded by the city of Austin, so it's pretty much Austin. But my blog here is about my shallow, obsessive interest in most everything old, and more specific, old CAR related stuff. I have two 1930 Model A coupes. One has an old Hemi in it. And one is stock. More to come.