Saturday, February 13, 2010

That head is OUTTA HERE!

Today was the first day in a week that it was nice enough outside that I could work on Nacho and get rid of that cracked head. I pulled the light bar, radiator shell, radiator and it's hoses, and the generator and set them aside. Then I pulled the water pump off of the front end, pulled the distributor off, and then pulled the intake and exhaust manifolds off. That left me with just the head bolts to loosen and get that cracked head off. After I took these pictures I managed to get the head off and cover everything up for the evening. And I painted the new head on the kitchen table because it was getting too cold outside.
Tomorrow I'll clean everything up a little better, paint it all and re assemble. Going to look great all nice and clean and tidy. Fun day.

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