Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stupid brake light switch.

So I couldn't get the brake light to work so I re-wired the whole car. Well, that's not entirely accurate. What happened was, that I ordered a new loom for Nacho, installed it and nothing worked correct. The lights were all backwards, the horn didn't work (still doesn't), the running light at the rear didn't show up at all and the brake light simply didn't shut off. So, I hardwired the headlights and the rear running light to a switch that I mounted just to the left of my knee while sitting (hard to describe otherwise), and ran a straight shot from the hot straight to the brake light switch, straight to the brake light. Only the brake light didn't go dark. It just stayed on. So, after talking to a few folks on Ford Barn, figured that the new brake light switch I ordered was bad. So, there's a different, hand made one on the way along with a new brake rod set up. Hopefully today that stuff will get here so I can drive Nacho around for the Roundup weekend.
The picture above was taken at my buddy Paulie's wedding. I drove Rusty up to North Austin for the wedding and then out to the Hill Country for the awesome reception. Had a great time, and congrats Paulie!

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